Zoning Ordinance Amended

Madison board of aldermen recently approved a change to the city’s zoning ordinance. According to the city’s Director of Community Development Kianca Stringfellow, the amendment was added to the Planned Unit Development (PUD) section. The amendment will allow for a developer to divide a PUD if it is over 200 acres.

“Currently, the zoning ordinance does not allow for a developer to divide a Planned Unit Development,” Stringfellow said. “Once that particular zoning has been approved, it has to remain as such. It must remain as it was originally master planned.”

The change allows for a developer to go before the city for approval to divide a PUD to be split into two separate subdivisions.

To divide a PUD, the zoning ordinance amendment will require developers to present an updated master plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler and the board of aldermen.

With each new phase, a preliminary plat must be submitted to and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the mayor and board of aldermen.

To get approval, a public hearing will be required.

For more information or questions about the amendment to the zoning ordinance, call the city of Madison at 601-856-7116.


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