City issues statement on water meter tampering

The below statement was issued yesterday by the city of Jackson:

The City of Jackson has hired professional investigators to conduct an investigation into its water metering and billing system in an effort to expose and correct any improprieties which have adversely affected the City of Jackson and its customers.

During the course of this investigation, which is still ongoing, we have found that some of our water customers have been purposely taking steps to prevent us from remotely monitoring water consumption by cutting the wires in their water meters – damaging or destroying the meters.

Tampering with or destroying your water meter is a criminal offense.

Having an illegal water connection, otherwise known as straight piping, is a criminal offense.

Anyone caught tampering with the City’s water meter, destroying the City’s water meter, or stealing water through an illegal connection will be subject to arrest, imprisonment, and a substantial fine for each violation. Water service will also be terminated.

The investigation has revealed that some municipal employees may have advised water customers on how to avoid billing. Any employee who aids in the illegal avoidance of billing or aids in the tampering or destruction of a water meter is subject to arrest, imprisonment, and a fine.  Additionally, any employee who becomes aware of the destruction, tampering, or stealing of water should report it in writing to the Public Works Director.

Any employee who becomes aware of the destruction, tampering, or stealing of water and fails to report it in writing to the Public Works Director shall be subject to severe disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Everyone should be aware that the City of Jackson and the Water Sewer Business Administration office takes this matter seriously.  We will not sit idly by and let our residents or our city continue to be taken advantage of by bad actors who do not have the city’s best interest at heart.

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