Fancy features, but the darn thing won’t ring


Can you imagine how frustrating it can be to have a new flip cellphone that does not work properly? Several friends said they had called me, but got no answer. I had no idea these friends had called. For some reason, my phone does not ring inside a building – not only the building where I live, but any building. I am sure I am not the only person who has had this cellphone problem.

I made a visit to the phone store and told the rep my problem. We gave the phone a nation-wide test. From extreme South Florida, we had five calls, but no rings. Several calls from Arizona, but the same answer – no ringing inside the building. I was ready to throw in the towel.

After two hours of trials and failures, the store rep agreed that I should have another phone. The phone will be sent via U.S. mail. I am patiently waiting. Time and patience passed, and on day six the replacement phone arrived. Off to the phone store I go. The store rep took the necessary parts from my old phone, placed them in the new phone and the dream comes true. The reception now is perfect...outside.

A few minutes ago I had a most disappointing call from a military buddy. His message was that we will not have a military unit reunion this April. For the last 22 years we have met annually, but not this year. At one time, early on, we had about 90 men to meet for this annual reunion. Our group is much smaller now. We needed 12 men to agree to sign up so that the reservations could be made at the hotel. There were only eight men available to travel to the reunion, so no reunion. I am sure this is the “Kiss of Death” for the 15th RSM to ever meet again. Most of the men are in the 87 to 88 year old age group and some aren’t in the best of health. It was sad news from Jim; but this is life. As you know, life is one darn thing after another.


My new phone has the same problem – no ringing inside the building and no calling. I will start over and get a phone that works properly and does the job. Enough is enough.

Had some good news today. Had a super first-class eye exam and found out that I do not have glaucoma and that my glasses are doing a fine job. The doctor said he would see me again in a year. That truly made me feel so good.

“First judge yourself, then you can judge others.”

Read John 3:3

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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