$340,000 a month

In the battle for the state government’s telecommunications business, C-Spire underbid AT&T by $32.5 million for an eight-year contract. That’s a savings of $340,000 per month for a newer and faster network. AT&T has sued in Hinds County Chancery Court and the case is being heard by Judge Denise Owens.

Appeals of major state agency contracts are not uncommon. The courts rarely reverse them unless the agency is shown to have been arbitrary and capricious in its decision. The issue here is time. Telecommunications technology changes rapidly. Obsolescence is always around the corner. We hope AT&T will be a good sport rather than a sore loser and not drag out these court proceedings. To do so will cost the state $340,000 a month and further delay a substantial expansion of advanced broadband access for all Mississippians.


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