Depressing vulgarity

Among those most intemperately calling for President Trump’s impeachment is the potty-mouthed new Democratic congresswoman from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib.

That a member of Congress — even an inexperienced one — would publicly and intentionally use an unprintable vulgarity that begins with the word “mother” to refer to anyone, much less the president of the United States, is deplorable. Even worse is refusing, as Tlaib, did, to back down when given time to rethink what was said.

Donald Trump has acted too often like a juvenile in hurling personal insults at those in the opposition, but at least the president has kept it clean most of the time. Even when he has slipped into locker-room mode, it hasn’t been as vulgar as the expression to which the vocabulary-challenged Tlaib resorted.

Maybe talking like an X-rated rapper works in Tlaib’s home grounds of Detroit, but such language has no place in public discourse in most of the rest of this country.

One of the major civic ills of this nation is the coarsening of how Americans talk to and about one another. The politicians bear a lot of the blame for this. They also bear a heavy responsibility for improving the tone.

When they choose instead to raise the crudity level, as Tlaib did, they foremost discredit themselves. They also, though, hurt the people and the party they represent.


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