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Northside’s C Spire has moved one step closer to bringing high speed fiber optic bandwidth speeds to Mississippi’s governmental infrastructure, especially schools and universities. Hinds County Chancery Judge Denise Owens rejected another attempt by AT&T to derail the award of the new state contract for voice and data services to C Spire. In upholding the Mississippi Department of Information and Technology’s (ITS) decision, Owens concluded: “This court reviewed the actions of ITS and finds that ITS has properly and lawfully sought bids for services and properly evaluated those bids submitted.” Owens noted the C Spire proposal was not only $32.8 million less, but used higher speed fiber. In contrast, AT&T’s bid was based on older, slower copper wire which AT&T plans to phase out in 2020.

Unfortunately, the copper to fiber transition will be furthered delayed as AT&T continues to appeal. Apparently monthly profits from AT&T’s existing state contract exceed the legal fees. It would be better for Mississippi if AT&T would acknowledge they lost the bid and let C Spire begin its fiber service to the state.



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