Our king

First-graders at First Presbyterian Day School recently presented the play “Sent to Be Our King.”  Shown are (from left, back) Joanna Hopkins; (third row) Evie Bell, John Marshall Lusk, Sam Henson, Silas Warf, Nathan Burkhalter, (second row) Asia Fortson, Campbell Hardy, Hannah Day, Alexis Thalken, Sasha Alexander, Layne Cannada; (front) Jacob

Buddy match

At the Alpha and Omega Christmas party (from left) Cameron Welch and MJ Funchess shared chocolate milk and cookies before watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” together. The Alpha and Omega program matches a senior upper school student and a kindergartener for shared activities throughout the school year.

Celebrate Mississippi

Jackson Academy fourth-grade students recently gave presentations about the state and handed out coloring books from the office of the secretary of state in celebration of Mississippi’s bicentennial. Shown are students (from left) Ella Williams, Perry James, Chase Fleming, and Frances Watson.


While reading “The Giver,” Honors seventh and eighth-grade English classes at Madison Ridgeland Academy created their own utopias. Shown are (from left) Tucker Folwer, Kate Mathison, Aiden Sullivan, Jack Houston.

Promise kids

Christ Covenant School Promise Kids offer items to the students and faculty from their breakfast cart. Shown are (from left) Cameron Booker, Kelly Wimberley, Vannah Hartung, Sue Ling Hillman, and Isabella Burnham.


Madison Ridgeland Academy second-graders performed contraction surgery during their morning classroom time. Second-grade teachers transformed their classrooms into hospital rooms and dressed like surgeons.  This activity provided students with hands-on experience to practice working on contractions.

Voted the most

Jackson Prep recently held its 2017 Précis Pageant. Voted Most Beautiful and Most Handsome were (from left) Sara Thomas Easley and Christopher Russell.

Fab friends

The Fabulous Friends class at First Presbyterian Day School held a bake sale for each of their grades to raise money for Holiday Potpourri, the school’s annual fund-raiser. Shown are (from left) Taylor Edmonson, Scarlett Vineyard and Ava Hutton Gregory. Not pictured: Leighton Myrick.


Breaking News

Northsiders were among the 1,254 SPRING graduates from Hinds Community College.


Waymond Lee Rone died August 19, 2019 in Jackson, Mississippi. Just two weeks earlier he had been... READ MORE


St. Andrew’s Episcopal School recently celebrated Holland Townes (center) during the 2019 Senior Night. He was recognized with the baseball team.