Ballet Company

The Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet Senior Company 2018 includes members (from left, back) Sydney Sanders, Anna Claire Nelson, Mae Correro, Emily Dew, Thalia Graves, Mattie Grace Morris, Olivia Monaghan, Riley Samrow, Elizabeth Copeland, Kate Elizabeth Lewis, Caroline Koski, Taylor Binkley; (third row) Madeline Page, Kristen Miller,  Bella Bach, Brelyn Binkley, Erin Lochmann, Adam Maatallah, Annalee LeDuff, Ella Ruhl, Emerson Harkins, Eleanora Ellis, Abby McCaughan; (second row) Lauralee Hetzel,  Hallie Young, Nora Bailey Robertson, Olivia Claire Williford, Parks Webb, Abigail Calimaran; (front) Sophia Huang, Sam Houston, Hart Maley, Rachel Lehman, Brooke Carter, Rebecca Trowbridge.

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