The Madison Central High School 2018-2019 PTO Board includes members (from left, back) Bonney Henderson, Holly Dean, Dara Bariola, Liz Howell Pritchard, Beth Embry; (sixth row) Tammy Barham, Jessica Lewis, Erin Barbour, DeAnne Walburg , Karen Falgout, Bridget Chisolm, Julia Bruce, Mandy Walters; (fifth row) Amy Watson, Karen Evans, Mac Brown, Holly Widemire, Sheri Bradford, Doreen Slater, Lisa Boyte; (fourth row) Jennifer Ishee, Shannon Grimsley, Tracey Thrash, Shaheen Patel, Yolanda Joshua; (third row) Kelly Wood, Olivia Renfroe, Sandra Strain, Neece Little, Suezen Brown, Dawn Wrighton, Michele Lawrence; (second row) Candee Milling, Kim Gilliam, Julie Darling, Beverly Johnston, Danell McKinnis,  Dawn Boone; (front) Mitcie Reid, Melissa Bell, Terri Iupe, Susan Draughn, Jenny Layton, Jennifer Tickner and Rachel Bickerstaff.

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1. He has been married for 21 years to his high school sweetheart. 2. He and his wife have four children.