Round Robin

Forty-six local tennis players took part in Reunion Golf and Country Club’s annual POA Round Robin Tennis Tournament. This year’s event was organized by Reunion resident Bonnie Wester with Reunion tennis director Justyn Schelver supervising the tournament.  Flight One winners were Paige Porter and Lauren Brunson, with Melissa Culpepper and Jenni Melton winning Flight Two.  Shown are all Round Robin participants (from left, back) Paige Porter, Kay Parker,  Kim Ferguson, Catherine Wiygul, Leslie Turner, Jamie Ballard, Beverly Mann, Christie McFadden, Natalie Hutto, Nikki Ramsey, Cassie Fountain, Paige Wolfe, Elizabeth Ray, Laurie Mohon, Megan Leake, Stephanie Tessner, Tonya Barber, Jamie Knighton, McKenzie Goolsby, Jenni Melton, Alisha Schelver; (front) Mary Lauren Brunson, Bonnie Wester, Anna Panter, Sage Conner, Patti Fudge, Chase King, Kristen Odom, Tina Highfill, Chrissie Parker, Theresa Davis, Julie Reed, Vikki Bradly, Laura Collins, Leigh Anne Coleman, Bri May, Jasmine Sandhu, Tina Fulcher, Leigh Blaylock, Martha Maxey, Lee Anne Watson.


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