cum laude

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School  celebrated the induction of nine new juniors and eight new seniors to the school’s 2018-2019  Cum Laude Society. Established 32 years ago, the group was the first chapter in the state of Mississippi. Deriving its meaning from the Latin “with praise,” all new members deserve high praise for demonstrating good character, honor, and integrity in all aspects of their school life along with outstanding academic performance. Shown are (from left, back) Jay Warnock, Faraaz Yousuf, Tucker Shelson, Julia Mitchell, Meredith Johnson, Nate Venarske, Molly Spencer, Osose Ewaleifoh; (middle row) Steve Jiang, Vinson Lu, Trey Till, James Xu, Allen Ryu, Ishan Bhatt, Ian Espy, Anna Kathryn Becker, Vivian Pryor; (front) Clay Morris, Stephen Cook, Jake Mitchell, Will Atkins, Bain McHale, Hayes Waycaster, Simone Weatherspoon, Sameer Khan, Geeya Sharma, and Toni Oluwatade.

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