Jasper Franklin Smith

Jasper Franklin Smith, a former Northsider, age 63, died February 9 at his home in Richardson, Texas, from complications from multiple heart surgeries.

He was born January 21, 1955, in Clarksdale, son of Edgar Erle Smith Jr. and Frances Miller Smith of Edgemar Plantation, Glendora, Miss. He was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Frances Elizabeth Smith Howard of Brandon.

He was graduated from Pillow Academy and was an SAE at Ole Miss. He was a landman for an oil and gas company; he graduated from Tony and Guy Dallas. He was self-employed. He was known for being friendly and helpful to those in need.

He is survived by two beautiful daughters, Miller Virginia Smith (19) and DeLani Steele Smith (17), of Richardson, Texas; sister Ladye Margaret (Smith) Townsend, a former Northsider, of Brandon; and brother Edgar Erle Smith III of Cleveland.

Memorial services will be April 21 at 1 p.m. at Odd Fellows Cemetery, Greenwood.

Memorials may be made to: GoFundMe.com

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