Honor society inductees

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School’s Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 60 new members this year into the organization. The National Honor Society recognizes and fosters academic achievement, character, service, and leadership in secondary school students across the nation. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a current cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher and who have met the minimum required service hours are eligible for membership. These candidates earned their membership in this chapter through their effective demonstration of the four qualifications that serve as standards for National Honor Society – scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Shown are (from left, back) Maya Adams, Saatvik Agrawal, Adeline Anderson, Claire Azordegan, Jackson Bataille, Byron Bishop, Sabrina Borg, Iain Brumley, Forrest Hutchison, Victoria Callahan, Caroline Croft, Rashad Bolden, Chris Dean, Vitor Da Silva; (third row) Sarah Beth Greener, Camille Halverson, Savannah Grace Gober, Selase Dzathor, Reed Finseth, Madeleine Halford, Tanner Hendrix, Lisa Hill, Reed Hooks, Allison Santa-Cruz, Anna Jaubert, Walter Johnson, Ava Ketner, Erinn Kim, Audrey Koltz, Rush Lacoste, Olivia McKee; (second row) Nilah Miller, Xenia Minton, Alex Mungan, Charles Mungan, Nathaniel Morgan, Anna Owens, Ellie Peterson, Yahya Naveed, Abigail Calimaran, Betsy Seage, Tatum Pettit, Sarah Bradford Seawright, Betsy Van Meter, Maris Thompson, Joel Murphy; (front) Chrissy Ross, Claire Waddell, Luke Tynes, Chloe Ward, Elizabeth Wills, Van Bui, Kaleb Cassidy, Aaron Cooper, Rand Raju, Quay Collins, Nicole Pan, Elizabeth Panter, Horace McMillon, John Kees, Kate Rodenmeyer, Alix Ebner and Cole Morse.



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