First Presbyterian Day School third-graders presented the play “Under God’s Sea in 3D” for family and friends. Shown are (from left, back) Sam Milner, Wynn Roberson, Charlie Beard, Sarah Jane Skinner, Marilyn Colley, Drew Hederman, Mac Mozingo, Leigh Hand, Mathes Tompkins, Rose Hathorn; (middle row) Frances Hollingsworth, Staton Adams, Abney Moss, Ables Hurley, Olivia Collins, Olivia Ezell, Emi Story Speights, Anne Fair Lucas; (front) Avery Dale, James Galbraith, Alice Moore, John Wilder Smith, Kathleen Bess McClain, and John Morgan Secrest.

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1. Before she began working at Premier Fabrics, she was a teacher. 2. She is a life-long resident of Jackson.