Receive Bibles

Fourth Grade and new upper elementary students at St. Richards Catholic School were presented Bibles that were blessed during Mass. The students will use these Bibles in ther study of scripture in the atrium over the next few years. Students include (from left, back) James Harrison, George Decker, Olivia Weisenberger, Clara Clifford, Jake Garrison, Chaney Neel, Erin Wynter, Maley Thornhill, Susie Steckler, Reed Walker, Loftis Garner, Nicholas McLaurin; (middle row) Walt Hammond, Vinny Melton, John Brody Fournet, Neel Boteler, Chaiya Turner, Zuri Hays, Ben Manhein, Lily Frances Garner, Jacob Schermann; (front) Addie Perkins, Kylie Grace Talley, Gray Holloway, Robby Byrd, Noah Moore, Jacob Gomez, Eli Watkins, Mary Ellen Curley, Macye Laird, James Proctor-Dickson.

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1. He drove a blue ‘77 Chevy Nova in high school. 2. He played on Jackson Prep’s 1985 and 1986 state championship basketball teams.