Madison Central High School showchoir, Reveille, has their Reveal Show January 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the school auditorium.  General admission is $10.  There is a reception in the commons immediately following.  There will be a special guest performance of Madison middle schools show choir, Kaleidoscope.  Shown are singer/dancers, band, and crew (from left, back) Allison Dunn, Bella Alimont, Maggie McKenzie, Clara Elkin, Hayes Kelly, Will Stanard, Brody Craft, Sam Gaines, Chris Ogburn, Allen Riley, Caleb Lyall, Preston Bates, Jacob Dunaway, Cade Harrison, Kaylee Hood, Abby Temple, Carissa Jones; (fourth row) Billy Joe Lam, Michael Stack, Bailey Magee, Spencer Castilla, Bradley Davis, Jackson Kiser, Jalen Stewart, Wyatt Wilson, Tre’  Thigpen, Eric Narbo; (third row) Cameron Boyington, Sam Boudreau, Ryan Phillips, Jordan Little, Anna Leigh Montgomery, Mallory Dale, Katie King, Shantavia Robinson, Taylor Carson, Haley Gall, Julia Bhansali, Jamya Griffin, Chris Hood, Bradley Hollingsworth, Annie Thomas, Davis Griffin; (second row) Mary Grace Nelson, Helen Anne Horecky, Virginia Newman, Bailey Williamson, Grace Temple, Vertreace Sanders, Elexis Ollie, Raegan Gourley, Hannah Brady, Maddie Gall; (front) Mallory Walker, Ainsley Gibson, Rimika Banerjee, Chloe Livingston, Karenna Sims, Katie Garrett Manor, Miller Widemire, Kailyn Gardner, Anna Cate Strong.

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