County revises interlocal agreement with Madison


The interlocal agreement between Madison County and the city of Madison has undergone some amendments.

During the January 4 board of supervisors meeting, District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen made some funding changes to the 50-50 split road plan.

“I would like to make a motion for approval of a 50-50 match for... the Highwoods of Madison subdivision up to $100,000,” he said.

The Highwoods subdivision is located in Steen’s district.

Steen added that he would like to set a completion deadline for the end of August.

Concerned citizen Winky Newman spoke up about the long overdue need for improvements in the neighborhood.

“I’ve lived in this neighborhood… 23 years, and we have never been paved. The subdivision as a whole has never been paved,” Newman said. “Every street is a cul-de-sac, so everybody has to turn around… Every cul-de-sac has got holes in it, bad…  My reasoning for coming up here today is, you have other subdivisions that are being paved that were built after us.”

The cost to make improvements on all roads throughout the subdivision will cost approximately $193,000.

Board members approved Steen’s motion.

In a separate board meeting held late last year, District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter also made some changes to the interlocal agreement for both the 50-50 split plan and the 100 percent road plan funded by the county.

First, Baxter moved Madison Avenue from the 50-50 split plan to the 100 percent county-funded plan.

“The $675,000 for Madison Avenue needs to be on the 100 percent plan, because that’s a major thoroughfare,” Baxter said. “These are (also) two major thoroughfares in Madison… $60,000 on Oak Park Drive and $60,000 on Bozeman Road in between Colony Crossing and the Reserve.”

Another $60,000 was allocated for Summerlin Road in Canton as well.

Baxter also added roads to the county’s 50-50 split plan with the city, wherein the cost to improve the roads will be split equally by both jurisdictions.

“On the 50-50 plan I’d like to add $150,000 for Northbay Drive, $17,000 for Calumet Drive, $15,000 for Hickory Glen and $60,000 for Reserve Crossing.”

 Earlier this month, Baxter pulled Greens Crossing Road ($350,000), Stout Road ($414,000), Catlett Road ($183,000), Virlilia Road west ($2 million), and Countryside Place ($125,000) from the road plan.

The District 2 supervisor added the Northridge subdivision ($273,600), Beaumont Drive ($17,000), Danford Drive ($30,900), Dirby Cove ($2,240), Farewell Boulevard ($2,820), Hazelton Drive ($53,130), Hellena Drive ($6,960), Leads Court Drive ($1,670), Newton Court ($7,420), Owen Court ($1,380), Turnon Boulevard ($7,530), Madison Avenue ($67,500), Oak Park Drive ($46,500) and U.S. Highway 51 entrance to Cross Creek ($14,000).

These were added to the 50-50 split road plan between the county and the city.

Baxter also moved the $334,000 that would be used on Cherry Hill Road to help fund the 50-50 interlocal plan; $350,000 of the Virlilia Road west money will go toward Cherry Hill Road, while another $250,000 of Virlilia Road west money will go toward Park Place.

The $125,000 from Countryside will help fund the county’s portion of the agreement. 

The remaining $1.4 million from Virlilia will go toward the Weisenberger Road study and flooding issue.

The $350,000 from Greens Crossing will go toward the Gluckstadt Road widening project design.


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