Writing my first novel


How did it all get started? This is a question I often hear when telling others I have written my first novel. Well, it blossomed out of my research into my family’s ancestry. The earliest ancestor of which I am certain was born in the late 1700s in a small village about 15 miles north of London, England.

Dear Editor:

In a recent article by Anthony Warren, covering Levee Board attorney Keith Turner’s One Lake presentation to the Metro Lions Club, there were some statements that need examination. The Vicksburg Corps of Engineers was said to have signed-off on the findings of the first phase of review.

Sports betting

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that, before the summer is out, Mississippians and plenty of visitors to this state will be placing their bets on college and professional sporting events at state-domiciled casinos.

Mangum knows his worth


As we all know, Jake Mangum wasn’t selected in last week’s Major League Draft until the 32nd round – a fact that became all the more puzzling after Mangum spurred Mississippi State to a memorable NCAA Super Regional victory over Vanderbilt last weekend.

Tip of a mudberg


The Titanic ran into an iceberg, and sank. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has run into a “Mudberg,” and its reputation is sinking. Mudberg is a 30-foot-high mound of sediments in the Mississippi River above Baton Rouge that restricts its flow.



The Home Place has been a part of the Northside community since 1946, but Lucille Nichols is who really makes it feel like home.