Our History

This is a brief history of our newspaper operation:

The Northside Sun has been running as a weekly publication since 1967.

First Page

NSS Logo
Our logo from 1967.

Following the start of the publication, we began to shift our perspective to cover a larger segment of the Jackson population.

We have been serving the North Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland and the Reservoir area for over 50 years.

NSS Logo 1971
Our logo from 1971.

Throughout that time, we have grown and developed as a publication.

Our coverage of the metro area began to feature specialized journalism beats and in-depth, hyper-local coverage.

Our logo from 1980.

The 1980's brought significant changes to the structure of our publication, offering the recognition that an older news source provides and unique avenues for stories.

Our masthead changed to the familiar sunrise logo for the Thursday, April 24 issue in 1986 (Vol. 19 No.23).

Our logo from 1986.

We chose to maintain our critical editorial foundations as we transitioned into the new millennium.

The next change to our logo took place for the Thursday, October 09 issue in 2008.

Our logo from 2008.

With the emergence of our monthly magazine and a heavier focus on our website development, The Northside Sun has grown to fit various needs for the Jackson region.

Our work has become revered by many state agencies and local businesses, serving as the best source for news curation in the area.

We changed to our current logo for the Thursday, April 05 issue in 2018.

Our current logo.