An embarrassing run

Dear Editor:


On behalf of my city and our running community, I would like to apologize for the pathetic race that you just experienced. While I am not a city official, nor a member of the race organization, I do love Jackson and did love this race and I am embarrassed.

Dear Editor:

Illegals are ruining our country. The middle class is being squeezed into extinction. The hedonistic atheists have assaulted the Church. The morals and values of our grandparents have been labeled "old-fashioned" and "not cool" by the perpetually immature and ignorant.

letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

In your “Crime Lab Underfunded” editorial, you referenced a Clarion Ledger article as the basis of the facts. The funding level of the State Medical Examiners’ Office was greatly increased during the past legislative session.

Dear Editor:

Somebody has to say it. The fawning public acclaim of the newest iteration of an Ole Miss mascot is reminiscent of the story of the king with invisible clothes. Actually, folks, he was naked. The “Landshark” is outlandish. The “Black Bear” was an embearassment. I am personally a big fan of Delta State’s “Fighting Okra”.



Two area high schools have started what will be an annual competition to raise money for waterfowl conservation.