Dear Editor:

Thank you for your article which highlighted the success of the city's 21 "Traffic Calming Devices" aka speed bumps being installed after significant citizen and city collaboration over a decade. It has been a long road for all involved, one which any participant could have abandoned eons ago. The project spanned multiple administrations and some of the small children its "calming" was aimed to protect are now parents themselves. Still, the slowing down of speeding traffic will help save lives, prevent property damage, protect beloved pets and contribute in a small way to deterring crime. All of these are great great goods for our great capital city.

Bravo to the tenacity of our citizens, neighborhood associations, Robert Lee in the engineering department and all who brokered together to see this completion. Many hands make light work.

Now folks onto the next project.

Vic and Gerry Gray-Lewis


Two area high schools have started what will be an annual competition to raise money for waterfowl conservation.