Crime Lab underfunded

Sam Howell, the director of the Mississippi Crime Lab, tries to sound understanding of the funding shortages that have slowed his facility to a crawl in getting its work done.

The state’s coroners are not so charitable.

Ease of voting

Mississippi has finished last in yet another ranking of the states. This one, devised by several researchers, says the state’s election laws make it the most difficult place to vote in America.

Dodging debates

When U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith claimed that her schedule in Washington was just too busy and too fluid to commit to debating her opponents in next month’s special election, it was obviously a lame excuse.

Hyde-Smith has now been caught on tape admitting as much.

Library disaster

Last week, the Sun learned that 34,000 books at the Charles Tisdale Library on Northside Drive have likely been lost due to months of exposure to black mold. The finger pointing is disturbing.

Temptation of cash

We heard from a concerned reader who had to go to the downtown Jackson police station and pay cash to get a copy of a traffic accident report. The police station staff would not accept a credit card or a check. His receipt for the cash he paid was a flimsy printout from a manual calculator.

Screen time

A recent study from the National Institutes of Health underscores what every perceptive parent should already know.

Their kids need more sleep and exercise, and they need less screen time.

Supreme Court takes a hit

The severe divisiveness that has marked American politics ever since the Supreme Court settled the presidential contest in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore has spilled over to a body whose historical respect and authority have been grounded on the court’s supposed separation from politics.


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Cathy Haynie, head of school at Christ Covenant School, is serving JAAIS (Jackson Area Association of Independent Schools) as president this year.