Sentencing bias

It will be no surprise if a legislatively appointed task force finds that poor or black defendants in Mississippi draw harsher sentences than wealthier or white ones.

If that were not the case, Mississippi would be about the only place in the country that could truthfully claim it has a uniform justice system.

We support Two Lakes

Hundreds of people turned out at the Ag Center last week to either lend support or opposition, or just to be informed about the latest incarnation of a plan to control Jackson flooding with a new lake below the Ross Barnett spillway. The so-called One Lake plan has morphed considerably from John McGowan’s Two Lake plan.

Stopping dogfights

A new law that took effect in July made dogfighting a felony in Mississippi. It’s a good law that the state needed in its efforts to stop the cruel treatment of animals.

Reeves and his road

Of course Jim Hood is playing political games, as Tate Reeves alleges, by investigating what arms were twisted and who was doing the twisting in pushing for the construction of what is being comically referred to as “Tate Reeves Way.”

McDaniel round two

It’s still early, and there’s been little or no polling to verify it, but it sure seems like Chris McDaniel’s anti-Washington message is having a harder time catching on than it did four years ago.


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