Deja vu

There was no way that Donald Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would live up to the U.S. president’s hype.

Sports betting

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that, before the summer is out, Mississippians and plenty of visitors to this state will be placing their bets on college and professional sporting events at state-domiciled casinos.

Drug bust windfall

It’s common for State Auditor Stacey Pickering to announce that he wants officials in a Mississippi town or county to repay money they’ve been accused of misspending or even stealing.

Dear Editor:

Changing ocean tides is a fact of nature that we have long taken for granted. Ocean tides flow in and out. There are places where they vary greatly, such as in the Bay of Fundy where they roar in and out with an amazing ferocity. In Northern France on the English Channel, Mt. San Michel lies 600 meters from the shore.

Sports betting

The big news in sports has nothing to do with the NBA playoffs or any other games. Instead, it’s a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that removed federal restrictions on how states handle sports gambling.

Settling in


Before I dressed for church and doing my usual early morning walk with June Cleaver, I found myself weaving slightly - I partially blamed it on jet lag, but mostly it was because I was still caught up in Prague mode.

An unspeakable tragedy

Last week the Northside was shocked and grieved by the tragic death of Frances Anne Fortner. Words cannot express the sadness of what happened that fateful afternoon on Ridgewood Road. Our hearts go out to Tom and Laurilyn Fortner. We are all amazed at their dignity and forbearance in the face of such loss.


Breaking News

Due to the recent loss in water pressure, the city of Jackson has issued a boil water notice... READ MORE


The Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce and Keep Ridgeland Beautiful received the 2018 Keep America Beautiful Innovative Partnership Award for Zinnia Fields Forever – a partnership between the Ridgeland