Illegal immigration

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst has pledged to vigorously prosecute any companies that knowingly hired illegal immigrants at the seven Mississippi poultry plants raided in August.

If Hurst does, it will be the exception for how these massive raids usually go.

Usually, the penalties are a negotiated fine, and not much more than that.

Budget notes

As the Clarion Ledger keeps digging into a previously little-known practice used by influential Mississippi legislators to direct money to pet causes or pet state agencies, it keeps finding surprises.

Adding a second state flag

Northsider Sherry Mosely has a great idea about resolving the Mississippi flag issue. Let’s have two flags, the existing one and a new one. Cities, counties, schools, etc. can decide which of the two they prefer to fly, the old one or the new one. That way, both sides on this issue can have their way.

Jackson Zoo blues


The ongoing budget problems associated with the Jackson Zoo came to a head this month with the City of Jackson taking over the zoo from the Jackson Zoological Society which had run the zoo for 35 years. Things had gotten so bad, the society had failed to pay its city water bill running up an unpaid balance of $6 million.


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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.