Eviscerating downtown Jackson

In these tight times, the state legislature should not be issuing $30 million in bonds to move the Highway Patrol headquarters from Jackson to Rankin County. The current location on I-55 is central and convenient for the Jackson metropolitan area. There is not a compelling need at this point for a new building.

Unintended consequences

Only the blind — or those who think a $15 minimum wage would have no unexpected consequences — didn’t see this one coming.

A hamburger chain called CaliBurger has put to work in one of its restaurants a $60,000 robot whose mechanical arm can cook up to 150 burgers per hour.

Community Improvement Districts

Mississippi needs to join a growing list of states that allow Community Improvement Districts (CID). The Jackson City Council, including Northside councilwoman Virgi Lindsey, supports CIDs. Twenty-five neighborhood associations endorse CIDs including Eastover, Loho, Lefleur East, Rollingwood, Fondren, Belhaven and Heatherwood.



Jackson Prep 2018 varsity softball team include (from left, back) Head Coach Cory Caton; Drea Morgan, McKinley Weeks, Maddie Newman, Colby Ray, Raylei McKinney, Sydney Ray, Assistant Coach Shane B