Chickenpox returns

If there is one place in America that is serious about its spirituality, it must be Buncombe County, N.C., where the families of 5.7 percent of kindergarten students have claimed a religious exemption to avoid vaccinating their children against serious diseases.

Living in gratitude

With the season of bargain-hunting, over-spending and consumerism at our door, perhaps we should take longer than a moment to focus on making sure we are happy, not just momentary happiness but one that lasts by developing an attitude of gratefulness.

Teacher testing

Relaxing licensing exam standards for 110 new Mississippi public school teachers — out of a teaching force that numbers more than 30,000 — is nothing to get too alarmed about.

Duck hunting time again


The drive home from Oklahoma was wonderful. Of course it doesn’t hurt when you can see the tips of antlers in your rear view mirror from the buck in the bed of your truck. The rut was wide open last week on the Cimarron and the North Canadian just below the Kansas line.

Voting by mail

According to reports so far, there were no major snafus in the recent elections in Mississippi; no serious allegations of hacking into voting machines or otherwise manipulating them to affect the outcome.

Student athletes

In a recent column, George Will of The Washington Post made an excellent point about the outdated concept of student-athletes. Basically, he believes the description is factually incorrect — that too many college sports participants are far more athletes than students.

911 texting

There are times when texting on a cellphone can be dangerous — the most obvious being when the person doing the texting is sitting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.



The University of Mississippi recently released the Fall 2018 Dean’s List. Students must earn a semester GPA of 3.50 to 3.74 to be listed on the Dean’s List.