Stoplight to be installed at intersection of Green Oak Lane and Hwy. 51


In anticipation for Reunion Parkway, phase three, Madison County officials will soon place a stoplight at the intersection of Green Oak Lane and U.S. Highway 51 in Madison.

“The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) approved a stoplight at Green Oak five years ago,” Sheila Jones, District 1 supervisor, said. “I really don’t know why there’s not one there now, but it really plays into our plans for Reunion phase three because there will have to be a stoplight when it comes through.”

Jones said implementing the stoplight now will possibly help save the county some money on the Reunion project.

“It will certainly save the citizens out there some traffic control issues.”

Once complete with the second and third phases, Reunion will cross Madison County from Mississippi Highway 463 to Highway 51. 

“We’re having issues now, and we know we’re going to have some big issues when Hoy Road goes under construction because that’s one of the outlets for that area,” Dan Gaillet, county engineer, said.

(Hoy Road parallels Green Oak Lane to the south. The roads connect to the east of Highway 51 through North Old Canton Road.)

In the coming months, the city of Madison will be preparing to widen Hoy Road from two lanes to three and four lanes. The $9 million project will stretch from Old Canton Road eastward to Rice Road and include laying down a 10-foot wide multi-use trail and a five-foot wide sidewalk, one on each side of Hoy.

Gaillet said the stoplight at the Green Oak and Highway 51 intersection will cost approximately $450,000.

The stoplight will be temporary, according to the engineer, because eventually a turn lane will be built on Highway 51 to help combat traffic at the intersection.

“But we hope we can get (the light) up in relatively short order. It takes four months just to get signal parts in, but we’re still several years away from getting Reunion up and running and the official signal up… We feel like we need to go ahead and jump on this and move it in a direction to help those folks out,” Gaillet said.

The current problem with the intersection is at peak morning and afternoon hours.

“(South) Highway 51’s getting stopped because people are trying to make that left turn (east) to get to Green Oak… There’s a lot of stop-and-go traffic, especially with people heading north coming home from work and school traffic and people trying to get out on (Highway) 51.”

Jones’ motion to approve the stoplight, which will be built by Santec Engineering, was unanimously approved by the county board of supervisors.


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