City still working on list of streets to be repaved

Northsiders will have to wait another month before they’ll find out what streets will be repaved with roughly $3 million in one-percent infrastructure funds. 
Last week, Jackson’s one-percent oversight commission directed the city to draw up bid proposals of the streets they plan to repave with the funds and bring the bid specification back in June for approval. 
The commission was slated to approve streets at a special meeting in April, but that meeting was canceled. The board was again expected to choose roadways at the May meeting, but instead directed public works to choose them. 
The board meets on the second Wednesday of the month, meaning that the earliest the street could be bid out would be in mid-June. 
Commissioner Pete Perry, though, believes the board’s decision will save the city time and cut down on confusion. 
“If we said, ‘Let’s do these streets, then the cost could have been wrong,’” he said. “If it would have been $5 million instead of $4 million, they (the city) would have had to come back.” 
He believes the public works can begin advertising the bid document prior to the commission’s approval and simply modify it, if need be, after the June meeting.
“It doesn’t slow down (the process) at all,” he said. 
Streets to be paved include arterial and collector roadways, as well as neighborhood streets that serve hospitals or schools. 
They will be chosen from a list presented to the commission last month.  
Public works provided the commission with a list of 67 streets to be considered. The list included major thoroughfares and neighborhood roadways. 
Based on rules in the 2017 master plan, the commission is only focusing on arterial and collector streets, as well as residential streets that serve hospitals and schools. 
On the Northside, roadways up for consideration include Westbrook Road, St. Richard Street, Office Park Drive, Cedars of Lebanon Road, Manhattan Road, Presto Lane, Keele Street, Monroe Street, Fondren Place and Myrtle Street. 
Combined, the sections total around 5.42 miles. 
In April, another $1 million was approved for pothole repairs. 

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