Northpark Mall planning major renovation project


Northpark Mall will undergo major upgrades this year. Ridgeland officials recently approved a site plan and architectural review for $11.5 million in renovations on the exterior and interior of the shopping center.

The new owners, Pacific Retail Capital Partners, bought the mall last year for an unknown cost.

“They are renovating the exterior entrances, all of the interior and repainting the whole (building),” Community Development Director Alan Hart said. “They’re already replacing the parking lot lights.”

Improvements also include reroofing, replacing a large air-conditioning unit, repaving the entrances, new landscaping throughout, a bike trail and a new ring road, according to Hart.

The parking lot and ring road will be part of their own phase of improvements.

“They’re doing some really special things to it,” Mayor Gene McGee said. “They’re really upgrading it and going to spend a lot of money.”

Interior improvements include new carpeting, upgrading the food court and new lighting, according to Ward 1 Alderman Ken Heard.

“It’s an incredible investment,” Hart said. “I’m not sure how they’ll break the phases apart. Some are maintenance-related that don’t go through the approval process. Like the lighting, they don’t need to go through the architectural review process just to swap light fixtures.”

Hart said the improvements should be complete before the end of this year, with repaving efforts finishing up after Christmas.

“It’s a real major step forward on Northpark,” Heard said. “They are looking at rebranding the identity of the whole place.”

The Sun contacted mall manager Kasey Dickson with more questions, but answers were not available at press time.

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