Residents voice concerns, frustrations over roads


Anyone attending or watching the Madison County board of supervisors meeting last week probably felt a bit of déjà vu.

Much like the previous meeting of the board, residents stepped up to podium with concerns about road projects in District Four and demanded answers as to why money was removed from those projects to others in the county.

Board president and District Two supervisor, Trey Baxter, said some of the money removed from those projects was put toward Bozeman Road, which he said is in “deplorable” shape and has thousands of cars traveling on it daily.

“I know we are beating a dead horse, but we have to drive on that dead horse every day,” Tim Barker said. “If we have to come to every meeting, that’s what we are gonna do.”

When Baxter said he could not give an answer to when Barker’s road issue would be addressed, Barker said he would be back for the next meeting.

District Four Supervisor David Bishop says 10 road projects in his district were removed from the county’s 2019 road project fund, and the funds were put toward other projects.

The roads Bishop said were removed include Cane Creek Road, Gus Green Road, Hammack Road, Harris Road, Livingston Drive, Bidon Drive, McCullough Lane, Society Ridge, Windermere Boulevard and Windy Hill Drive.

“They’re upset because they had money assigned to their roads and they were pulled off. They want answers,” Bishop said.


Bishop asked the board to consider funding the road projects that were recently removed.

“I may keep asking every meeting,” Bishop said.

He made a motion to take $850,000 out of the general fund to finance the road projects.

District Three Supervisor Gerald Steen seconded for further discussion.

District One Supervisor Sheila Jones asked the county administrator Shelton Vance how much the projects would cost the county in real dollars once they split money with the cities.

Vance said a quick estimate said it would end up costing $1.4 million.

“Seems like every meeting we are busting the budget,” Jones said. “We have modified this budget so much.”

The motion failed with a 3-2 vote. to Madison County board




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