Ridgeland road projects scheduled


Four Ridgeland road improvement projects will be underway within the coming months.

The County Line Road and Lake Harbour Drive east projects will begin at the end of January and the beginning of February; Old Canton Road will receive improvements this summer; and an interlocal agreement between the city and Madison County includes improvements on Old Agency, Rice Road and the Gateway North subdivision.

Officials said once the attorney general approves the agreement, they can move forward.

“We hope to start construction on (County Line) at the end of this month,” Public Works Director Mike McCollum said.

The project is a joint venture between Ridgeland and the city of Jackson, with both municipalities paying $675,000 each for a total of $1.35 million for the whole project.

“We’re going to go in and rehab County Line from Wheatley Street to Ridgewood Road,” McCollum said.

The project includes a repair, mill, overlay and restripe of the road and upgrades to traffic signals. The Ridgeland board of aldermen awarded the project’s construction to Dickerson and Bowen.

A mill-and-overlay project grinds and removes the top two layers of asphalt with a large milling machine, then new layers are coated over the remaining tarmac.

The Madison County Board of Supervisors pledged $675,000 to the city of Ridgeland for the project. The city of Jackson has secured the other $675,000.

According to Madison County Engineer Dan Gaillet, the county pledged the funds to Ridgeland in June 2016 through a memorandum of understanding (MOU). After the county promised to pay for Ridgeland’s half, the city had two years to complete the project.

“We were given a two-year time period from the time the MOU was approved to complete the project,” McCollum said.

Everything up to the $675,000 amount will be reimbursed by Madison County.

“So, we’ll just send them receipts and they’ll pay up to that amount.”


The Lake Harbour Drive east project should begin in February, according to McCollum.

“Lake Harbour east is where we’re going to rehab from Northpark Drive to Breakers Lane.”

In November, city officials awarded the construction portion of the project to Dickerson and Bowen Inc., who bid approximately $200,000 under the city’s estimated cost.

The project includes a mill, overlay, restripe, and upgrade of four traffic signals on Spillway Road from Breaker’s Lane to Northpark Drive.

“It’s (a little more than) a mile of four lanes with a center turn lane,” McCollum said.  “The road’s got heaves and stuff. We’re going to do some leveling. All the striping had actually worn off, and we did some restriping a year ago so people could see it. We’ve also got claims of potholes out there.”

That portion of Lake Harbour Drive has failures that the public works department will fix with this project, according to McCollum.

The project is a two-part task, the other half of which is being completed by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD).

Work includes rebuilding and resurfacing the portion of the Spillway over the dam and digging out and refilling soft spots. Construction will take between six and eight weeks.


Old Canton Road is also going to be seeing major improvements later this year.

“That road is on schedule to be rehabbed… late spring or early summer,” McCollum said. “The plans have all been approved. They’re in the process of bidding that.”

“It’s a state aid road. State aid funds are controlled by Madison County,” he said.

McCollum did not have a cost estimate at press time.

The project includes repairing failed areas, curb improvements, mill and overlay and restriping. It will stretch along Old Canton throughout the city of Ridgeland.

“So from County Line Road to the Natchez Trace,” McCollum said.


Once the attorney general approves the interlocal agreement between Ridgeland and Madison County, the city can move forward with improvements on Old Agency, Rice Road and throughout the Gateway North subdivision.

The Madison County Board of Supervisors agreed on the interlocal agreement in November.

“(Ridgeland) subdivision roads include Chinquipin Cove ($11,500), Clearwater Cove ($9,000), Edgewater Drive ($28,500), Gateway Drive ($15,000), Lakeshore Drive ($14,500), Rivergate Cove ($10,500),” County Attorney Katie Bryant Snell said.

All the roads are located in the Gateway North subdivision. The total cost share for the county adds up to $89,000, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the city, according to Snell. 

“All subdivision roads in county cities receive a 50/50 split. The board approved a policy that only subdivisions are (split) 50/50. Thoroughfares are 100 percent (funded by) the county, except cities maintain those after they’re paved.”

The two main roads in Ridgeland that will receive a facelift this fiscal year are Old Agency Road and Rice Road from Pear Orchard Road to U.S. Highway 51.

The board has previously approved the $134,000 project on Old Agency Road, but Snell said there were some timing issues. The Rice Road project will cost $100,000, leaving the county with a $234,000 bill for both main roads, as well as a $89,000 bill for the subdivision roads.

All road projects in Ridgeland should be complete by late summer or early fall of 2018.



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