Supreme Court denies rehearing in Costco case


The Mississippi Supreme Court’s ruling in the Ridgeland Costco case stands.

Yesterday, the high court handed down a ruling denying Ridgeland’s motion for a rehearing in the case.

In April, the court struck down the city’s amendments to its C-2 zoning ordinance, which would allow the Costco to build a gas station at its proposed Highland Colony Parkway site.

The city filed a motion for a rehearing shortly after, saying the decision could have a “chilling effect” on economic development efforts.

Opponents were hoping the supreme court’s ruling would stop Costco in its tracks.

However, officials with the wholesale warehouse said they were still coming to the parkway, but would be building a gas station across the street on land zoned C-3.

Under Ridgeland’s zoning ordinance, gas stations are allowed on property zoned C-3 commercial. The mayor and board of aldermen approved plans for the gas station at their second regular board meeting in June. 

The Costco site, which is located south of the Old Agency Road roundabout near Christ Life Church of the Highlands, is zoned C-2 commercial.

Remote gas stations are not allowed under that particular zoning classification. However, in 2016, the Ridgeland mayor and board amended the classification to allow gas stations as part of “large master plan commercial developments.”

Costco would be part of the third phase of Renaissance at Colony Park, a development that would classify as a “large master plan” project.

It is being developed by Andrew Mattiace and H.C. Bailey.


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