Work needed determines how long neighborhood bridges remain closed


Jackson city officials say seven bridges that were recently closed will likely be closed for months, meaning Northsiders will have to find alternate routes to work, church, school and other functions.

Citing safety concerns, the city recently shut off access to seven major bridges, including four on the Northside.

Even though the bridges were ordered closed by the state, no state money had been allocated to repair them.

Structures in North Jackson include the Hawthorne Street bridge between Sherwood and Robin drives; the Cavalier Drive bridge between Old Canton Road and Wood Dale Drive; the Woodway Drive bridge between North State Street and Manhattan Road; and the Colonial Circle/Adkins Boulevard bridge between Orchardview Drive and Old Canton.

The city was directed by the Office of State Aid Road Construction to close the bridges because of “issues found with timber piles, headwalls, and/or other timber components on each bridge,” according to a news release.

The timber piles are the wooden poles holding up the bridges; headwalls are structures used to maintain the road formation around the bridge as well as to prevent erosion.

The Hawthorne, Cavalier and Manhattan bridges all run over Eubanks Creek; the Colonial Circle structure runs over Purple Creek, city documents show.

The closures will last anywhere from six to 18 months, depending on the work needed for each bridge.

“We are evaluating all the bridges to determine each individual bridge’s structural deficiencies. We will then assess which bridges can be repaired internally and what bridges will have to be contracted (out) for repairs,” said Jackson Director of Communications Kai Williams. “Once the assessment has been performed, cost will be determined based on the ... structural deficiencies.

“Some bridges will need to be replaced.”

In all, 10 bridges in the capital city have been closed, forcing drivers to find alternate routes.

The city has recommended several detours. For motorists traveling the Hawthorne bridge, the detour includes taking Sherwood Drive/Mohawk Avenue to Council Circle and then to Chickasaw Avenue.

For the Cavalier bridge, motorists will be detoured to Old Canton, where they will then get on Ridge Drive/Wood Dale Drive.

Motorists who drive use the Manhattan bridge will take Cedars of Lebanon Road to North State.

If motorists see additional problems, they’re urged to call the city’s 311 Action Line.






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