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Today’s medical landscape calls for specialization to bring the most focused attention to patients suffering from IBD. That has always been the approach of the physicians and staff at GI Associates. As a leader in gastrointestinal health, GI Associates cares for the entire gi tract and performs the first line of defense against colon cancer, the screening colonoscopy. As a part of those services skilled professionals handle all endoscopy, pathology, and pharmacy in-house. The specialization doesn’t stop with adult gi issues as GI Associates has a complete pediatric department; a specialty within a specialty.

To better meet the needs of patients, that intense focused care is now being expanded to better serve those suffering from Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis, the main diagnoses of inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. The IBD Clinic is open at GI Associates’ Flowood location and provides a place where the specialized providers at GI Associates can administer focused care.

Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis cause inflammation of the digestive tract and can be debilitating, disrupt your daily routine, impact quality of life, even leading to life-threatening complications. There’s no known cure for Crohn’s disease or UC, but a regimen of treatments can reduce its effects and symptoms leading to long-term remission. The IBD Clinic at GI Associates allows patients to receive focused care in a state of the art facility prioritizing comfort and privacy.

The main symptoms of IBD include abdominal pain, a consistent change in bowel habits, bloody stool, weight loss, uncontrolled diarrhea, and fever. If you’re suffering from these it is possible to call the IBD professionals at GI Associates directly and get a diagnosis.

Since the treatment for IBD can include receiving intravenous medications, the IBD Clinic features nine infusion suites that provide patients a comfortable and private environment.

Crohn’s disease or UC are not something you have to deal with on your own. Alongside the IBD Clinic staff at GI Associates, the Louisiana/Mississippi Crohn’s support group meets each third Tuesday in the second floor Conference Room at GI Associates in Flowood and provides support with good information along with the knowledge that you’re not alone in the daily struggle of the disease. More can be learned online at Facebook by searching for “Jackson IBD Support”.


GI Associates is proud to host the second annual Guts and Butts 5K Race on April 27 to celebrate the opening of the IBD Clinic and further the message of getting a screening colonoscopy to prevent colon cancer. Raising awareness of the risks of colon cancer, including having IBD, is serious business. It is quite literally life saving, because when found early colon cancer is over 90 percent curable. The physicians of GI Associates are ready at any moment to discuss the benefits of a screening colonoscopy, including the biggest benefit of all—prevention. A colonoscopy can find early stage cancers, but small precancerous polyps are also found during the procedure. These polyps are removed, thus preventing them from developing into cancers. But who says education and awareness can’t be fun?

This year the Guts and Butts 5K will take place outside of the new Brandon Amphitheater, Saturday, April 27, with the Run/Walk starting at 4:00pm, and a Kids Fun Run starting at 5:15pm. All net proceeds will be donated to the 70x2020 initiative whose goal is to have 70% of all eligible Mississippians screened annually by 2020.

More details can be found about any of this information by visiting the GI Associates website at including the request for an appointment to see one of our providers about any gi concern. There are three locations; Flowood, Madison and Vicksburg to better serve your health needs. GI Associates is proud to be an active health member of the Central Mississippi community and is dedicated to providing expert care in an environment that focuses on patient comfort, convenience, and controlling out of pocket healthcare costs.



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