letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

In your “Crime Lab Underfunded” editorial, you referenced a Clarion Ledger article as the basis of the facts. The funding level of the State Medical Examiners’ Office was greatly increased during the past legislative session.

Dear Editor:

Somebody has to say it. The fawning public acclaim of the newest iteration of an Ole Miss mascot is reminiscent of the story of the king with invisible clothes. Actually, folks, he was naked. The “Landshark” is outlandish. The “Black Bear” was an embearassment. I am personally a big fan of Delta State’s “Fighting Okra”.

Dear Editor:

In a recent article by Anthony Warren, covering Levee Board attorney Keith Turner’s One Lake presentation to the Metro Lions Club, there were some statements that need examination. The Vicksburg Corps of Engineers was said to have signed-off on the findings of the first phase of review.

Dear Editor:

Changing ocean tides is a fact of nature that we have long taken for granted. Ocean tides flow in and out. There are places where they vary greatly, such as in the Bay of Fundy where they roar in and out with an amazing ferocity. In Northern France on the English Channel, Mt. San Michel lies 600 meters from the shore.


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