Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Sun’s editorial on the new federal law “against animal cruelty.”

In general, I agree with the premise that this “type of law should be reserved for the states.” But when a state legislature fails to act and continues to defeat or water down proposed legislation to pass and strengthen laws punishing animal cruelty, then what?

As residents of Mississippi for nine years, we witnessed the worst cases of animal cruelty, including dog fighting operations, resulting in a mere “slap on the wrist,” if that much, for the perpetrators.

The Farm Bureau lobbies to beat down legislation and lie about what the act is intended to do and how it applies. And the compliant legislature rolls over and bottles it up in some hostile committee year after year.

There are several very dedicated volunteer rescue groups in the state who go above and beyond trying to save starving and abused animals from horrendous conditions.

I suggest that you go on a rescue mission with a group and witness the horrors they deal with on an almost daily basis with little to no financial support.

Then maybe your sterile opinion about the need for such a law in a state like Mississippi would change.

Toni and Don Michael

Former Residents of Madison, Mississippi

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