New Boat Parking Rules

Thanks to a rule change from the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, boat owners may now park their boats in their driveways.

Reservoir General Manager John Sigman said the new parking rules allow residents to park their boats in the driveway only on the concrete.

“You can park in your backyard as well,” Sigman said.

He reiterated that while boats are allowed to be parked in driveways and back yards, RVs are not.

“This has just gone into effect, but we have been working on the parking rules for about a year,” Sigman said. But the rule is now enforceable.

Sigman said the rule change was in response to the way people were parking trucks, cars and boats.

“We are trying to have a quality neighborhood, not a deer camp,” Sigman said. “And that’s how people were treating it.”

However, those who live in neighborhoods with covenants that do not allow boat parking in the driveway, will still have to abide by those rules.

“Some neighborhoods like Fox Bay do not allow you to park a boat at your house. It is in their covenants,” Sigman said.

He believes the rule change will help to improve the quality of life for residents.

“I think it will result in a better kept neighborhood,” he said.

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