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My name is Amy Ramsey, and I motivate and teach people how to live life on purpose and find lasting joy through integrative nutrition, fitness, purpose and faith.

I have been passionately teaching and training people in the fitness industry nearly 20 years. Helping people transform and feel great every single day lights me up. But, there’s so much more to wellness than just exercise.

Once upon a time I was in the best shape of my life, but little did I know, I was far from healthy. I was working out every day of the week (if not twice a day), running four - five half marathons per year and counting calories like my life depended on it. I thought I was the healthiest person I knew, but I wasn’t balanced and it showed.

From extreme chronic dieting and deprivation to emotional binge eating and sugar addiction, I have had my fair share of dieting struggles.

I took Aleve to deal with my chronic inflammation and consumed copious amounts of caffeine to keep my energy levels up. I used wine and Benadryl at night to sleep. I drank plenty of Diet Coke and coffee through the day. I was pretty much depending on uppers and downers every day. I may have looked amazing, but my body was sending me clear signs that I needed to make a change. I did all the things I thought were important, but I couldn’t ignore how I felt: exhausted, depleted, and in pain.

I realized I was missing a piece of the puzzle. That’s when I started learning about integrative nutrition. I went on a personal journey to discover how food can heal and nourish my body. It’s a whole lot different from the boot-camp style diet and fitness regimen I’d been clinging to for years. I personally experienced incredible healing and had to find a way to help others.


From my own journey and my training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the way I viewed health has transformed. I began coaching clients to implement wellness strategies that aren’t just band-aids, but that actually help them achieve lasting health and limitless joy.

Health is freedom. I’m blessed to say that today I’ve found the missing piece to the wellness puzzle that so many people desperately need. My mission: to share it with people who are ready to live their best lives.

Using integrative nutrition based on the concept of bio-individuality, I’ve witnessed people transform in the most astounding ways.

That’s why I started coaching people on how to fuel their bodies in a way that precipitates real wellness.

What constitutes real wellness?

-Energy and joy that fills you to the brim and makes life so much more enjoyable.

-Feeling at peace with your body and understanding what fuels you.

-Living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

There’s so much conflicting information about health and well-being. It’s overwhelming to the point where many people get stuck in a state of analysis paralysis.

You know you’re ready to make a change, to feel better about yourself, to have more energy and food freedom— but you’ve got no idea where to start.

Here’s the truth: There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all! And diets do not work long term!


Your life is a very precious gift and magnificently created. When you learn to listen to your body, mind, and spirit living your best life becomes your new normal.

What if you have all the help and tools you need to get the body you want, the emotional stability you need, and a life that feels fulfilling and overflowing with potential.

That’s exactly what you will learn with The Fit Soul.

The Fit Soul is an integrative approach using food and fitness to help you lose weight naturally, and to let go of the typical weight loss tactics that have not been working for you.

I teach people how to create a lifestyle where weight loss, energy, and longevity, happen naturally. If you’ve felt less than awesome for a while, you might be wondering if it’s even possible to feel at home in your body. And I know, it’s not like you haven’t been trying. You have. It’s just that there’s so much more to wellness than exercise and calorie counting alone.

If you’ve ever done a weight loss program that worked, only to gain all the weight back a few months after you’ve finished, you know how frustrating it is to work hard to achieve something only to have it taken away.


All of the programs and packages at The Fit Soul are designed to teach you how to put an end to the guessing game once and for all and discover an eating style that works with your body. Based on principles of bio-individuality, we’ll formulate a plan that will feel natural and effective.

Not only will you meet your weight loss goals, you’ll dramatically reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the number one cause of many diseases and general discomfort.

You’ll tune into the emotional aspect of eating and get to the root of your cravings. No more blindly reaching for the ice cream and wine after a bad day. You’ll learn how to be mindful, present, and connected to your body and your emotions.

Best of all, you’ll tune in to your best self, so that you can live like you’re meant to, with energy, joy, and balance.

I provide personalized attention, custom nutrition advice, meal plans, fitness strategies and workout plans, plus accountability and support. Transform your body and your life, the Fit Soul way.

I approach wellness with a three tiered strategy that gets results minus the struggle: fitness, nutrition and purpose.

Many coaches only approach wellness from one angle, either fitness, or nutrition, or mindset. I believe each is essential in order for real change to unfold and become sustainable.

When we work together, whether one-on-one or through a group course, I take your whole story into account. That’s how I get results that’ll make you believe in the power and importance of self-care. That’s how you radically transform your body, and your life.

You can live your best life, and you will. Through integrative nutrition, fitness, and strategies that set your soulful journey in motion, you can become the best version of yourself.

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Amy Ramsey is owner of The Fit Soul.

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