Alderman Kevin Holder talks life outside of politics


Devoted family man, businessman and public servant are all ways you could describe Ridgeland resident Kevin Holder.

He serves as Alderman of Ward Three and co-owns Omega Electric with his wife, Pam.

When he isn’t working for his business or the city of Ridgeland, you can probably find him spending his free time with his family.

As his daughter, Rebecca, was growing up, Holder traveled all over with her as her travel softball coach.

“That really consumed so much of our time,” Holder said. “When I wasn’t working for the city or for our business, we were doing softball.”

Now that Rebecca is a nursing student at Mississippi College, the family tries to squeeze in as much time as they can together.

Holder and his wife Pam, Rebecca and his son Tyler, get together to have lunch as a family as often as they can. They attend Highland Colony Baptist Church as a family.

“I’m big with family,” Holder said. “I’m a giving kind of guy. They are my hobby, I guess.”

The Laurel native moved to the area when he took a job in the electrical field.

“I was up here for a few years working, and I had an opportunity to take a job with another company and I started traveling,” he said.

He has lived in the Jackson metro at least four times over the years between his travels.

“I always ended up right back here,” he said.

After high school graduation, Holder went straight into the work force when he took a job in the electrical field.

“I was kind of like a sponge, I soaked it all up and learned as much as I could,” he said. “Electrical work is just what I do. It’s what felt natural. I love it.”

Holder has always been handy, and he said that is what led him to finding his career path.

“My grandmother would say if I ever found something that wasn’t working around the house, I’d tear it apart and fix it, or try to anyway,” he said. “Without too many parts leftover. When I started doing electrical work, I just enjoyed it. It was interesting.”

“At that point, there weren’t really many trade schools like there are now,” Holder added. “So, I mostly got on-the-job training. I worked with a lot of really good electricians and learned a lot from them.”

Holder and his wife Pam, and their son, Tyler, who was 2 years old at the time, moved back to Ridgeland for a job and decided to stay.

“I told my wife, I’m tired of traveling around,” Holder said.

Holder has a master electrician license. Now, he and Pam have Omega Electric in Ridgeland.

“She’s the boss,” Holder said of his wife.

Their son joined them in the business.

“He’s my project coordinator, estimator, whatever,” Holder said. “He kind of handles whatever I’m not handling.”

Holder was appointed to the Contractor’s Board of Adjustment and Appeals.

“That’s when I started really finding out about what was going on in the city,” Holder said. “I was asked by one of the department heads at the city about running for alderman. I didn’t even know what it was.”

He began learning about the position and the relationship between the mayor and board and the city. Holder said that’s when he began going to meetings of the aldermen and saw what all was involved.

“I saw that all the decisions that the board and mayor made affected me as a business owner in the city and as a resident and my family,” he said. “When I started seeing how that was done, I thought I would be interested in being a part of that.”

Holder has served as an alderman in Ridgeland since 2005.

“I wanted to represent Ward Three as someone who is open-minded,” he said. “I wanted to hear any concerns and represent the residents. Ward Three has a lot of commercial development. More commercial than residential, I would say.”

He thought as a businessman himself, he could represent the area well.

“I love the quality of life here,” he said. “I thought my input could help the quality of life for residents, as well as businesses here.”

One of the ways he’s had the most impact, according to Holder, is in working with the city to have some continuity in business structures.

“I wanted to help this area be revived, to have some continuity,” he said. “Through that, we established an overlay district for County Line Road, what we call the Northpark Overlay District.”

He said they were able to come up with some color patterns and design elements to help businesses when they remodel.

“It’s worked extremely well, as businesses have volunteered,” he said.



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