Blount mum on gun control position; wants to wait, see


District 29 Sen. David Blount won’t say whether he supports banning assault weapons and wants to take a “wait and see” approach when it comes to passing new gun legislation. 

The Sun spoke to Blount recently in the aftermath of a school massacre in Florida.

The senator wouldn’t say whether the state should ban assault weapons and should instead wait and see what proposals are handed down by the federal government.

He would not say why he wouldn’t comment on whether he supported a ban.

“We need to recognize that gun ownership is a constitutional right, in the Second Amendment. But that doesn’t mean we can or should do nothing,” he said.

As for an automatic weapons ban, Blount said he was “happy to have a conversation about this, but we have to balance constitutional rights with restrictions to protect the public.”

While Blount specifically was referring to the harm that would be caused by HB 1083. The legislation would allow individuals to carry guns into college campus sporting events.

“We need to look and see what ideas come out of Washington. There seems to be, for the first time, consideration among leading Washington Republicans about some policies that can be changed to protect Constitutional rights and the public,” he said.

Among proposals, President Donald Trump ordered U.S. Attorney General to propose rules banning bump stocks and other devices that “turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

Trump has also suggested arming certain teachers, as well as raising the age limit from 18 to 21 for purchasing guns.

Blount said it’s too late this year to introduce general legislation, meaning that the state will likely have to wait on the feds to make the next move.

“I hope the president puts forward some more specific proposals,” he said. “I don’t think arming teachers is a good idea. I don’t think you’re going to make things better (doing that).”


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