Supervisors okay car wash


The Madison County board of supervisors voted to rezone a property located at the southwest corner of Gluckstadt Road and Dees Way, which is slated to be the site of a new car wash.

The board, after hearing from the developer and only one person stepping forward in opposition, found that the area has had a substantial change of character and identified public need for the rezoning to C2.

The property, which is just under two and a quarter acres, was originally zoned C1-A. The developers requested the property be rezoned from C1-A to C2. Veracity LLC has plans to build a carwash on the property.

Bridgforth Rutledge, one of the developers, spoke to the board about their plans for the property. He said rezoning the property to C2 is also compliant with the Land Use and Transportation Plan of Madison County.

Rutledge cited the extensive commercial and industrial development that Gluckstadt has seen over the years to prove substantial change in the area.

The property is also surrounded by other properties, which are also zoned C2, including a Burger King less than 300 yards away and a gas station/convenience store that is being built immediately to the east of the property.

Rutledge had several reasons to justify public need, including the general need for a property of this type.

“Due to unprecedented growth of the immediate area and community in general, there continues to be a high demand and need for the types of businesses permitted by a C2 zoning classification, including an upscale carwash facility, which is the proposed use of the subject property,” the developers wrote in the packet submitted to the board.

The county Planning and Zoning Commission denied the zoning request based on traffic concerns.

Jonathan Kiser, an engineer for Neel-Schaffer, addressed traffic concerns. 

“We did look at traffic for the property at what a car wash would generate from a historical look through the ITE trip generation manual of what car washes generate,” he said.

Based on that and a traffic count at the car wash in Madison on Highway 463, they found that the business would generate 60 peak hour trips in peak traffic hours in the morning and afternoon, which is a car each minute.

“Most of the traffic is going to be pass-by traffic during the weekday peak hours because few people will drive to the car wash and back home as a primary trip. It’s a secondary trip that adds as much traffic to the adjacent roadway as other land uses would,” he added.

Kiser said there are few types of businesses that would produce less traffic than the car wash will.

Kiser made recommendations to the developer about the driveways to allow for a smoother traffic flow.

District Two Supervisor Trey Baxter made a motion to approve the rezoning request. The board approved it unanimously.

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