Great music from Covenant


There is music - wonderful, beautiful music - coming to us from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Jackson. Recently, the men's choir visited us at the Bond Home for a fantastic concert. Nowhere have I ever heard more beautiful singing.

The director, Stephen Sachs, who is chairman of the music department at Belhaven, gave a short intro to each song which was about to be sung. The choir is made up of great musicians. After a few songs, a man stepped forward and sang a solo. His tenor voice brought the house down. His voice was equal to the solo voice heard so many times on Billy Graham TV. Yes, that of George Beverly Shay.

If you had your eyes closed while he was singing, you would have thought George Beverly Shay had joined the choir. He was a man with God-given talent singing for our Lord and Savior. I have never heard anyone who could match the talent of the man who sang a solo as a member of the men's choir.

Standing at the left side of the choir was another surprise. This tall gentleman having a strong soprano voice did not sing a solo, but his soft soprano voice clearly mixed with the choir as they sang. He, no doubt, is a quality musician. Certainly, he has a God-given talented voice.

Speaking of quality talent, a week later, the hand bell choir from Covenant Presbyterian Church came to entertain us at the Bond Home. The director of the hand bell choir, Carolyn Sachs, is the wife of the music leader at Covenant Presbyterian Church. She is a super talented lady. She plays the piano for the men's choir.

The hand bell choir group came in and set up their tables, so they would have a close place for their extra bells to rest. The choir is made up of ladies and one gentleman who plays the lower end music. His bells weigh 25 pounds, which are too heavy for the ladies to play.

The director is totally involved with the choir as her swinging arms direct the choir in a major role of the success of the wonderful music made by the hand bells. The eyes of each member of the choir were centered on the director during their outstanding performance.

The choir filled the room with beautiful music. Good things must come to an end. The choir stayed for a short period of time to mix and to mingle with the crowd.

We surely hope the choir can return soon. What a wonderful uplift the choir gave us.

"It is not wise to tell everything you know, but it is wise to know everything you tell." UNKNOWN

"Jesus sayeth unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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