Still lively at 100!


The lady who sits at the table next to me in the dining room will be celebrating her 100th birthday on June 29, 2018. This lady is Irene Adams, a remarkable person. Her movement, as she walks, is comparable to a much younger person. No one would ever guess that she was approaching the century mark. All guesses might place her in her mid-70s. Her mind and speech are sharp as a new razor. Her conversation is soft and clear as a bell.

She brings her morning newspaper to read before breakfast is served each morning. Her paper, I might add, is difficult to read because of the poor overhead lights. It is difficult for me to read a paper in the dining room.

Mrs. Adams is an independent resident enjoying life at the Bond Home. She scoots around the halls as if she were only a half-century old.

She grew up on the Road of Remembrance in West Jackson, not far from downtown Jackson. She was an honor graduate at Monterey High School in Louisiana and was selected and offered a scholarship to LSU, but decided not to accept this scholarship and to go to work instead. She took a job at the General Electric Company in South Jackson, where she worked in a tall brick building that housed the assembly line for producing light bulbs. This job only lasted a couple of years because, since it was 1946 and WWII was over, she was getting married. She and Mr. Adams had a long and happy marriage and were the parents of two sons, both of whom are deceased. Mr. Adams died in 1987. Her loving grandson is now her caregiver.

She is a very relaxed person who sits in her chair in her apartment and works the puzzles in the newspaper, while using a special reading light – she especially enjoys the crossword puzzle. This hobby is relaxing and keeps her mind sharp. Her needlework is more than amateurish because she has made several beautiful quilts. At 93, she made a big decision: she parked her car and gave up driving.


On many occasions, she has visited the Canton Flea Market – not to sell, but just to enjoy the day, viewing the many exhibits around the square.

After quizzing her about the secrets of living to be 100, her quick reply was to stop smoking (she had smoked some), to never drink and to have a strong faith with the Lord. She is a perfect example of a Christian who loves the Lord and spreads the Gospel wherever possible.

I had never known a person who is 100 years old. It is my pleasure to have Mrs. Adams as a friend. She is an angel.

It is not wise to tell everything you know.

But it is wise to know everything you tell.

At your leisure, please read Psalm 113:3.

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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