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It is a source of satisfaction to learn that a column resonates with readers. Arguably none generated greater response for me than the questionnaire about Jackson “in the day,” published before last Christmas:

Carol Puckett conveyed that last Christmas Eve’s dinner conversation centered around memories generated about Jackson “in the day.” Edward McDonnell wrote that last year’s Christmas dinner conversation focused upon thoughts triggered in the family’s “mind’s eye.” Frances Rone Morrison, later, allowed that her copy is posted on her refrigerator and that her mother was a fount of information about times past. Bettie Ruth Johnson said the same although allowing that her mother could not answer a couple of questions.

The point is not specificity but opening for conversations about a usable past; a city with a sense of itself; a sense of place; somewhere with a “there there” — paraphrasing what Gertrude Stein wrote, in 1937, about her hometown of Oakland, Calif.: “There’s no there there.”

Hopefully readers will derive pleasure from today’s 2018 questions, whether old-timers or newcomers seeking history and identity:

Who was the partner in the Pontiac dealership before it became Paul Moak?

Where was Lloyd Ford?

What automobiles were sold by Bagby Hall?

What automobiles did E.J. Craigo sell? What was his dealership named after taking a partner? What partnership followed Craigo’s retirement?

Originally Maywood Mart was two shopping centers: Which one ran north-south? What department store was at its south end?

What was the original Maywood Mart grocery store? Where was that grocery company headquartered?

What was the original footprint of Highland Village? What was the original Highland Village grocery store? What drugstore sat north of the grocery store? Where was the other North Jackson location of that grocery chain?

What pharmacy was next to Jitney 14?

Where was Morrison's Cafeteria located?

Who was Irv Feldman?

What sandwich was Fish's specialty at Brent's Drug Store?

What hamburgers were supposedly "so good" that advertisements claimed that "You'll come back, back, back... for more, more, more?”

What was the name of the seafood store in Westland Plaza?

Where was the original location of McRae's Department Store? Where were its initial two shopping center locations? What business was its co-sponsor on "Let's Go To The Races?"

What was the first laundry and cleaners in Jackson named?

Where was J.C. Penney located?

Where was Addkison Hardware?

What was Fridge's?

What was Navarro-McLean?

Where was Sid Jones' business?

Who was George Godwin?

Who was Gordon Marks?

Who was Harley Roseborough Shands?

Where was the old Baptist Hospital?

What was the original name of Trustmark National Bank?

What was today’s Region's Bank named when locally owned?

What were FLeetwood, EMerson, and DRake?


What company sponsored the television segment beginning with the jingle, "The weather, the weather, what's it going to be?” Who was its mascot? What is the company now called?

Where was the Alamo Theater? What musician did Eudora Welty see perform there before returning home to write "Powerhouse," overnight, in one sitting?

Where was the Century Theater?

Where was the Lamar Theater?

Where was the Paramount Theater?

Where was the 51 Drive-In Theatre?

Who was Maurice Thompson?

Who was Hagan Thompson?

Who was Fred Beard?

Who was Billy Simmons?

Who was Ed Cates?

Where was the Jackson Public Library before it moved to its current location?

For what is the Carnegie Library currently used?

Where was the original Power School? Who was Colonel Power?

Who was Heber Ladner?

Who was Walter Sillers?

Who challenged his position in 1955?

Who was Buddy Newman?

Who was Sonny Merideth?

Who was Pat Harrison?

Who was Rubel Phillips?

Who was Charles Henry Manship?

Who was Rex Cooper?

Who was Armand Coullet?

Who was Adele Franks? Why is her brother Charles internationally-acclaimed?

Who was Bill Selah?

Who was Perry Nussbaum?

Who was Joe Brunini?

Where was the Baptist Children's Village?

Where was Temple Beth Israel located before moving to Old Canton Road?

What local architect designed St. Richard of Chichester Catholic Church, Northminster Baptist Church and Covenant Presbyterian Church?

Who were Overstreet and Ware?

Who were Fort and White?

Who was Leon Burton?

For what is the Thomas Gale home now used?

Where was Allison's Wells?

What was the name of the airfield prior to "the jet airport?" What three airlines operated at the old airport? Only one of those airlines operates today. Its initial passenger service route ended in Jackson. Where did the route originate? What was the intermediate stop? What was the company’s previous focus?

Jay Wiener is a Northsider.


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