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How many choices do we make during the day? Some may make many while others make only a few.

Several articles have been written about the veterans Choice Program. Also, articles have been written with a complaint theme about the waiting time to see a doctor at the VA. The veterans Choice Program will be of great help to solve the waiting time. Personally, I have been a VA-satisfied person for a long time. Now, I am using the Choice Program and I like it very much. Have patience and you, too, will be happy using this program.

Here’s how it works. First, the vet enrolls at the VA in Jackson. Immediately he/she will know that all clinics at the VA are full. Then the Choice Program becomes available.

Each vet is given a Choice Program card and a personal number. Top priority is given to locating a doctor – a private provider. The Choice people are most helpful and very kind. Be prepared to give them a lot of information.

The Choice people will have a list of doctors located near the vet’s home address. They go to work trying to locate a doctor. After several days (or even a week might pass) the Choice people will call back offering a suggested list of doctors from which to select. The vet will agree to choose one. The Choice people will call the doctor’s office and give an authorization number and a year’s date to make appointments. The vet is now ready to go for the first appointment.

The doctor is important because he or she is in charge of your health. Later, for example, after maybe your third visit to the doctor, you may need to see an eye doctor. The primary provider takes care of this by sending a secondary request consult to the VA in Jackson. The VA in Jackson contacts the Choice Program and the selection process starts again. The selection process takes time – up to two weeks. Once the Choice process program finds the eye doctor, an appointment is made for you. But, always remember, the private provider, or personal doctor, remains in charge of your basic health.

This is an excellent program for veterans. Please be patient. Personally, I have been extremely pleased using the Choice Program.

“Success ain’t in holding a good hand, but in playing a pore hand well.”

– unknown

Please read John 3:3.

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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