Walter Scott Club goes on


The Walter Scott Coffee Club is still going strong. The name is to honor the former mayor of Jackson, who served during the 1930s. The club began in 1934. Since there was a serious lack of communication during the Depression, there were very few telephones and only a few radios throughout the city. Mayor Scott met with a couple of his friends at the Belmont on Saturday for coffee and relaxation. The real purpose of this get-together was to discuss the news or happenings in the metro. Mr. Scott would leave the Belmont filled with information and totally prepared to begin his duty as he entered the mayor’s office on Monday morning. The coffee club grew steadily. For a number of years, the club was somewhat formal. The men dressed in suits and ties or some would wear sports jackets and ties. The routine was order in each session. The idea of news to be discussed was broken into three parts: i.e. local, state and national items. Each man would stand to be recognized. The president would then recognize the person standing. The club has always been an open forum. Each member can speak and express whatever is on his mind. Most members are veterans with rank ranging from enlisted to a two-star general.

The men have changed with the times and the club has changed location several times. For a number of years, the club met at Primo’s restaurant. After leaving Primo’s, the club gathered at a restaurant in the parking lot of a grocery store located on the frontage road parallel to I-55 North. Years later, the club met at restaurants in Madison. At the present, it meets at MugShots on Lake Harbour in Ridgeland. One thing that has never changed is our lectern. It is the same one that has been used ever since the club organized into a larger group.

The club has an attendance of approximately 25. The open forum still has the same agenda – local, state and national news to be discussed. Members are more informal in dress today. Dress is casual and there is a relaxed atmosphere in the conversations.


At times, a topic being discussed in the open forum may need further clarity. A guest speaker is invited to make matters clear and understandable. Usually, the guest speaker is given 25 minutes for his or her presentation before the group. The last 15 minutes are set aside for the members to ask questions. This becomes a very pleasant learning session. Meeting, greeting and especially the fellowship are the ingredients that band the club together.

Ladies are invited to join in for breakfast dining Valentine’s weekend and again during the Christmas season. Special fun and entertainment accompany each breakfast. The coffee club honors basic traditions at the beginning of each meeting with a prayer and then the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag is given. The flag is always standing at the right side of the speaker. Long may Old Glory wave.

A good verse to memorize is Mark 1:1.

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