Dear Editor:

When are we going to stop gating our neighborhoods in the name of protecting “the children”? We all know the real reason for these public access gates is keeping out an undesired element (other than our yard service or maids) or as the new progressive term “people that don’t look like us.” You stated in your paper yesterday that 3,400 cars a day travel Meadowbrook Road east of Ridgewood. How many of those cars will be forced to stop less that 100 yards (stop sign) and then again at the gates announcing our entrance into Eastover? How many again will be stopped at the corner of Quail Run and East Manor?

As for Mr. Sam’s quote in the article yesterday about people running the stop sign in front of his house, if he would cut down the vegetation on his property people could actually see what is coming and the intersection would be a whole lot safer. I would be more concerned about the backup of traffic in front of my house but then again I live outside the gates so surely I couldn’t care for my grandchildren the same way those inside the gates must.

 I guess one question I would have asked is, “Did you not know this house is in the worst possible location if you will worry about your children playing outside?” I know our priorities change as we grow older and have children of our own and I am sure my children ran the same stop sign as did Mr. Sams as he was growing up in the area. This is and always has been a cut through for people getting to Meadowbrook and beyond for numerous neighborhoods in the area. We are not talking about a cul-de-sac that is easily blocked off and only inconveniences the owners behind the gate but rather, whether the city admits it or not, a major feeder for those that live in the area.

Is this really making Jackson a better place to live? Do these people really think that putting up a gate is going to slow down speeding in the area? No, now people will speed from location to location because they know they will have to stop just down the road. I do see in the proposed ordinance that the neighborhoods have to purchase a liability policy for one million dollars and that is good because the first time some teenager has had too many after prom, graduation night, home football game or just going down to the river and smashes the gate well I bet they will be paying out for the pain and suffering.

Michael Gillespie


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