Dear Editor:

Illegals are ruining our country. The middle class is being squeezed into extinction. The hedonistic atheists have assaulted the Church. The morals and values of our grandparents have been labeled "old-fashioned" and "not cool" by the perpetually immature and ignorant. Yet, in spite of all that is going on in our country today, there was a flame of faith, love, and hope that lit the sky over Houston, Texas, when those who really loved and respected George Herbert Walker Bush gathered in a beautiful cathedral for a traditional service of prayer, song, and the reading of God's Word.

We heard songs finally sung correctly, as written. We saw people with their right hands over their hearts in respect for the U.S. flag. We heard the Oak Ridge Boys sing "Amazing Grace." We cried as we listened to Reba McEntire sing "The Lord's Prayer." What a glorious service with no politics, no snarky comments from the left-wing media, no Democrat women in their tacky pantsuits, and no modern versions of music to slaughter timeless anthems.

I was lucky. I watched the service on Fox News and then again on CSPAN. I had nothing to ruin it.

I want to thank the Bush family for reminding us of what honor, tradition, respect, and appropriate behavior actually look like. I can assure you that my parents were part of the welcoming committee in Heaven when George joined them and all the other Saints. Like my beautiful mother and wonderful father, George Bush was home for Christmas.

Beverly J. Clark


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