$340,000 a month

In the battle for the state government’s telecommunications business, C-Spire underbid AT&T by $32.5 million for an eight-year contract. That’s a savings of $340,000 per month for a newer and faster network. AT&T has sued in Hinds County Chancery Court and the case is being heard by Judge Denise Owens.

Job well done

Hats off to Jackson’s public works department for their handling of a recent water main break on the Northside. The break occurred on Thursday in the Belhaven community, but it wasn’t until Friday morning when city officials learned the severity of the problem.

letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

In your “Crime Lab Underfunded” editorial, you referenced a Clarion Ledger article as the basis of the facts. The funding level of the State Medical Examiners’ Office was greatly increased during the past legislative session.

Too many funerals


I broke a record this year. And it's certainly not something to be proud of either. 2018 took me to more funerals than any other. There was an unexpected passing of my very healthy uncle. We had a gut-wrenching overdose on my mother's side of the family. One of my best friends lost his father, who was one of the greatest men you'd ever meet.

Christmas Dinner


Christmas is a magical time of the year and I love to entertain family and friends as much as possible during the holiday season. I love to cook special treats and I enjoy the non-stop parade of people through my door. For many years, we have hosted a big Christmas Eve dinner for my husband’s family and many friends.