Once again money dictates


Every year there are numerous discussions between fellow hunters on how everyone’s season is going. It begins with dove season and stops briefly at the end of January. During March and April it picks up for a few weeks when the turkeys are gobbling, then all is quiet until the doves start it all over again.

One extreme after another

Maybe it is best described through the lyrics of Conway Twitty and Sam Moore. Perhaps we can relate even more so to Tina Turner’s feelings on the subject. Should we venture even farther to the deep side of Jim Morrison and his classic especially with the opening prelude?

Prison books

It was a misguided and probably unconstitutional policy, so it’s wise that the Mississippi Department of Corrections relaxed its ban on sending free books directly to inmates.

It would have been nice, though, if MDOC had widely communicated this change of heart when it occurred apparently months ago.

Charity and the tax code

Since, Jackson’s population has dropped by nearly four percent, in large part because of quality of life issues.

This year, state lawmakers could help stem that flight by giving residents in the capital city a tool that would help them address those issues head on.



Two area high schools have started what will be an annual competition to raise money for waterfowl conservation.