Birthdays and Anniversaries


  March 15: Bob Killelea, Jennifer Drinkwater, Vicki Ellis, Mary Ann Gee, Jay Stockwell, Mike Gieger, Charley Dean, John Wakeland, Sara George, Zachary Perkins, Wolsey Jones. March 16: E.H. Walker, Liz Weir, Rosalind Griffith, Sally Brewer, Bettie Johnson, Jody Schmelzer, Homer Garza, Richard Earle Smith, Robert Spaulding, Eleni Matheos, Alexis Renee Heath, Jo Ann Ginn. March 17: William Hampton Sims, Stan Viner Jr., James Griffin, B.E. Ellison, Janet McNeece, Gale May Drummond, Becky Bourn Walker, John Egger, Harrison Young, Becky Hughes. March 18: Edwin Mack, Michelle Alexander, Jennifer Eastland, Emma George Hamilton, Susan Ray Jett, A.L. Huff, Jay Roberson, Ivy Fulton, Beth Champlin, Terry Bramlett, Joy Roberson, Nancy Lee Sanders. March 19: Allison Hart Galloway, Vicki Greenlee, Burney Threadgill, Sam Sherrill, Milford Stevens, Kevin Batte, Mary Rodgers Beal, Lee Katherine Beasley, James R. Martin, Jace Alford, Crystal Hendricks, Marsha Blanchard, Scott Kennedy, Nancy Lee, Annelyse Lindley. March 20: Valerie Hicks, Mike Rubin, Marvin Dunbar, Margaret Mitchell, Mike Godfrey, Katy M. Powers.  March 21: Dale Nutt, Kim Stokes, Barbara Alexander, Andrew McMillin, Peyton Prospere, Rick Rhoden, Agnes Virden, Mark O’Quin, Joe Ogg, Brandon Bolen, Cherri Lewis. 



  March 16: Marion and Rebecca Black, Ed and Barbara Morris. March 19: Marsha and Calvin Blanchard. March 21: Lane and Julia Allen, Dr. Baxter and Evelyn Gabbard.

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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.